3 smart tips for selling in Corona times

Silke Barkmann
March 17, 2020

Now that the government is having hospitality businesses closed down for the time being, we suddenly notice how quickly the business can change. The coronavirus also has an impact on e-commerce organisations. To help you get through this we have listed 3 tips.

1. Ensure accurate stock levels

An accurate inventory is always important. However, in this day and age, when sales can suddenly pick up tremendously, it is even more important. If you sell via EffectConnect, your inventory data is automatically retrieved from your webshop. If you keep your data accurate at your own location, the marketplaces will automatically receive the correct stock levels.

In addition, within EffectConnect you can choose to set a stock margin. Then the sales via the marketplace will stop automatically when you reach a certain low point. This way you make sure that you don't sell more than you can deliver.

2. Adjust your delivery times

We are currently noticing that many retailers are struggling to deliver on time. Fewer people are working in the warehouse or in shifts. In addition, delivery services are very busy and fewer drivers are expected to work, which slows down deliveries.

The urgent advice from us ánd from bol.com is to make sure that your delivery times are right and that you can keep your promises. Consumers are a bit less demanding at the moment and we see that products with a longer delivery time are still sold.


3. Stay alert for changes and opportunities

Especially now there are opportunities for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Keep a close eye on the market and make sure you switch quickly if changes or opportunities arise. We see that online sales are currently sky-high for various product groups.

If you have these in stock, offer them mostly automated via marketplaces! Especially now that you probably have fewer people available, automation is more important than ever. EffectConnect is happy to help you with this.

Some product groups that are currently sold well via online marketplaces are sports articles, thermometers and disposables (toilet paper and handkerchiefs).

Zoekwoord thermometer


Make smart logistic choices

Would you like to know more about optimizing your delivery time, the influence of cut-off times and do you want to know whether outsourcing logistics is interesting for your organization? Download the free whitepaper '3 tips for smart logistic choices with marketplace sales' now.


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3 tips for smart logistic choices with marketplaces sales

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