5 things to keep in mind when you start selling manually

Silke Barkmann
May 15, 2019

When starting out with selling your products via marketplaces, it might be a good idea to do this manually at first. Almost all of the platforms have a dashboard where the merchant can login to check up on the assortment, inventory and prices. You will also be able to look into the orders being made and foresee the orders of the correct track & trace codes upon shipment.

The upside to start selling manually via marketplaces, is you do not have to invest in an automated process prior to knowing whether your products will even be sold via said platform. To help you get started, we have summed 5 pointers to keep in mind when you start selling manually.

  1. Update your inventory several time a day, definitely when you are selling your products via multiple marketplaces.

  2. Make sure that the orders being placed are immediately confirmed and filled out in your system. Orders can be confirmed through the dashboard of the marketplace. Log in the moment you receive an order.

  3. Fill out the orderinformation infallibly. Delivering the wrong article will result in unnecessary returns and increases the risk of receiving a bad review.

  4. Make sure that every order is sent with a track & trace code and that it corresponds to the order in your marketplace dashboard.

  5. Last, but not least: pay attention to the amount of time you put into this manual labour. If it only takes up one hour of your time per day, you will have plenty of time left to determine which products to sell and how to go about this.

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