Amazon breaks one after the other record in 2020

Mirthe Simoen
December 29, 2020

The holidays haven't been quite that bad for Amazon. One sales record after another was broken. But it wasn't just the vendors who benefited from this, Amazon let many others share in the great success.

With global sales growth of 50% compared to 2019, the sales partners certainly did not do badly on the platform. For example, more than 1.5 billion toys, household products, beauty and care products and electronics were delivered worldwide this vacation season. In addition to corona, the company also played an enormous role in this.

Additional tools to stimulate purchases

A lot happened within the American e-commerce company that went live in the Netherlands and Sweden this year. For example, 18 billion dollars were invested to help small businesses increase their sales on Amazon. More than 250 tools were developed to make it easier for sellers to sell their products and more than 1000 educational events were organized worldwide such as Amazon Sell Academy.

Amazon also encouraged customers to shop by region or category so that retailers in that region were promoted extra.

Amazon and charity

But it weren't just the vendors who received help. The Amazonians (Amazon employees) together received more than 2.5 billion in bonuses. There was also generous donations to charitable organizations.

Together with local organizations, the company helped deliver meals to underprivileged families and vulnerable seniors and helped schools with online learning opportunities.

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