Insight in shipments and receipts

Silke Barkmann
July 4, 2019

If you make use of Logistics via (LVB) then you will know exactly the amount of products you have shipped. Up until today you were not able to see in EffectConnect how many products were received by We fixed this for you. To make it even better, you can even see if there are any deviations.

Actual status of shipments

If you are making use of the fulfilment manager then you can control the shipments within the EffectConnect dashboard. As of today you can see the number of products that is received by in the Shipping overview and the status of the shipment via Rapports. This way you can precisely see the status of your shipments.

Spotting deviations

In some cases a deviation can occur between the products you have announced and the products that actually have arrived. The report, which you can generate in the CSV, shows you exactly which products have been received by and where the discrepancies are.

Example of the Shipping report:Zendingen rapport

Example of the CSV file:Voorbeeld CSV rapport

Optimise your logistics!

In this whitepaper we will discuss the influence of cut-off time, the optimisation of delivery times, we will give you some tips on how to be smart with delivery times, how to improve your delivery times  ánd discuss whether it is a good idea to outsource your logistics!

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Frontcover - 3 Tips - ENG

Download this whitepaper!