Marketplace commissions per sector

Olga van Borren
October 3, 2019

Selling via marketplaces can offer new opportunities for your webshop. However, there is a lot of information available, maybe a little too much. Every marketplace has different commissions and it is often quite a task to gather information about these commissions. 

We have decided to help you out! In this blog we will dive into the commissions of the various marketplaces and which marketplace has the most advantageous commission for your sector.


Marketplace commissions for home and living

There are a variety of marketplaces that offer home and living products, such as kitchens, furniture and sanitary. We have summed them up for you and the commissions they employ.

Conforama: 5-20% 6% 10-12% 12,5%
fonQ: 13-15%
Blokker: 13%
Darty: 15%
Amazon: 15%
Storesquare: 15%
Wish: 15%
VidaXL: 12%
CDiscount: 15%
Homedeco: 20%


We notice that Conforama and are the most advantageous with their commissions and that Homedeco is more expensive. It is important to remember that the customers at Homedeco are looking specifically for home and living articles, as to where the productrange at and Conforama are very broad. 


Marketplace commissions for recreation and leisure

The products that can be categorized under recreation and leisure, are for instance flowers and plants, books and office supplies or leisurely articles. They do not differ a lot in commission percentage compared to the home and living products. For these products the choice in marketplaces is large.

Conforama: 5-20% 6-8%
Wupti: 7% 10%
CDiscount: 12% 12,5%
VidaXL: oplopend per verkoop tot 12%
Blokker: 13%
Darty: 14%
Amazon: 15%
fonQ: 15%
Storesquare: 15%
Wish: 15%


Marketplace commissions for clothing and apparel

The amount of marketplaces that sell clothing and apparel expand every day. However, it is an important consideration whether you want to sell your products on a marketplace with a broad productrange, or whether you want to display your products on a marketplace focused onto your niche corner of the market. 8% 12%
VidaXL: 12% 12,5%
Amazon: 15% 15%
Storesquare: 15%
CDiscount: 17%
LaRedoute: 8-20%


Marketplace commissions for consumer electronics

The majority of the marketplaces sell consumer electronics. Therefore, it would be a wise choice to offer your products on several marketplaces. The commissions on this branch are quite advantageous. 3-6% 4-10%
Conforama: 5-20%
Blokker: 6%
Darty: 6-12% 6,5-10%
Wupti: 7-12%
Storesquare: 5%
Darty: 8-10%
Amazon: 12%
CDiscount: 5-10%
Wish: 15%


Marketplace commissions for hardware and gardening

The marketplaces that sell home and living, consumer electronics and recreation and leisure products, often sell hardware and gardening supplies. The percentages on these products vary a lot compared to the previous branches. 

Conforama: 5-20% 6% 10-12%
Wupti: 11%
Darty: 12%
Amazon: 12%
CDiscount: 12%
VidaXL: 12% 12,5%
Blokker: 13%
fonQ: 15%
Storesquare: 15%

Marketplace commissions for personal care

The personal care branch does not only entail cosmetics and perfume, but also incorporates jewellery, medicine and hearing aids. These product groups are offered by quite a few marketplaces. This gives you the luxury to pick and choose the marketplace that suits your needs! 4-15% 8%
VidaXL: oplopend per verkoop tot 12%
Amazon: 8-15%
Blokker: 6-13%
Storesquare: 12-15% 12,5%
Wish: 15%
CDiscount: 16%


Marketplace commissions for domestic appliances

Just like personal care, the domestic appliance products are available in excess at the marketplaces. You can sell these products via pretty much every marketplace! 5% 6%
VidaXL: 12%
Blokker: 13%
Darty: 15%
Wupti: 15%
fonQ: 15%
Wish: 15%
Amazon: 15%
CDiscount: 8-12%

Have we sparked your curiosity for the marketplaces we offer? Go check out our line of marketplaces!

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