Retailers see many opportunities in online marketplaces

Silke Barkmann
May 15, 2019

Research shows that a growth in revenue is the number one reason to start cooperating with online platforms.

The generating of leads to their own webshops is for about 26% of the retailers an important reason to move their products to marketplaces. Research conducted by ShoppingTomorrow illustrates this, alongside with research conducted in cooperation with Koninklijke INretail, and KHN and BOVAG.


66% of the retailers is not active yet on marketplaces, why is that?

At the moment about 33% of the retailers offer their products via marketplaces to the consumer. 31% of the retailers that do not make use of marketplaces, claim that it does not match with the look and feel of the company. This makes one wonder whether selling via marketplaces does fit with the consumers needs, that starts more often than not it's quest online in search of a product.

About 27% of the retailers indicates to not have the time to dive into the world of marketplaces and about 24% admits to not have enough knowledge of online platforms.


Obstacle for retailers?

58% of the retailers that participated in the research conducted by ShoppingTomorrow thinks that online platforms hold a lot of power over the retailers. They are especially concerned about the increasing advertising/sales costs, the profits and the competition of the platforms themselves.

It is however quite impossible for retailers to generate the same reach with their own webshop. Furthermore, the platforms carry the marketing costs which are spared for the retailers that display their products on the marketplaces. These are things to consider when making decision to start selling via marketplaces or not.


Which marketplace sells what?

Research indicates that 28% of retailers in the HomeDeco industry is already selling online via marketplaces. About 59% of these retailers have chosen to work with, 56% make use of, 28% of Amazon, 28% of, 25% of Google Shopping and 13% of Fonq.

The retailers that sell bicycles, about 49% choose to start offering their products on marketplaces. About 97% of these retailers make use of, 35% also makes use of Fietsenwijk, 19% of Tweedehandsfietsen and 14% makes use of Speurders.


What kind of products are offered on marketplaces?

The research shows that 60% of the retailers offer standard products via the marketplaces. About 32% chooses to sell the remainders of their stock via the online marketplaces. 19% sells products that are high in demand, 11% offers products that are very rare in demand and about 3% chooses to offer package deals.


De meest gewaardeerde voordelen van verkoop via marketplaces

77% of the retailers indicated that they are very pleased with the growth in revenue that is being achieved by the sales via marketplaces. About 65% of those are satisfied with the display options for their products. Another 59% is positive about the possibility to integrate their webshop system with the marketplace and 54% is happy about the Service Level Agreement.


Image: The effects of online marketplaces on business performances.

Effecten van online marketplaces op business prestaties


Opinions of retailers

Conclusively, the research illustrates that 56% of the retailers agree with the thesis that ‘Marketplaces have made it easier to sell internationally’. Furthermore, 37% agrees with the notion that ‘There is a lot of choice between the marketplaces’ and 44% agrees that ‘In the feature the majority of online purchases will be made via marketplaces’.

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