Selling via Amazon Marketplace

Olga van Borren
December 24, 2019

As of next year, Amazon will officially set foot on Dutch e-commerce soil. Currently, Amazon only sells e-books via, and the general sales of Amazon in the Netherlands will go through the German domain Next year, regular products will also be sold via Great opportunity for you as a marketplace entrepreneur!


About Amazon

Amazon is without a doubt the largest e-commerce player in the global field. The company of the American Jeff Bezos had in 2018 turnovers of over 233 billion dollars, with a growth in conversion of about 31% compared to the previous year. At the moment Amazon is not that popular with the Dutch consumer, in comparison to

This is due to the fact that a lot of Dutch people are of the assumption that the products listed on Amazon are more expensive. Which is odd, because various studies point out that the prices on Amazon are considerably cheaper than the prices on other marketplaces. The perception of high prices at Amazon could possibly stem from the idea that the products must be imported from afar. The nearest distribution centre is located in Germany and this could result in higher shipping costs.


Connecting webshop to Amazon 

Amazon is an interesting player for brands and retailers, first and foremost because of the global brand awareness of the platform. Over the years, Amazon has put a lot of effort into making itself a trusted brand and becoming the one-stop-shop for consumers. Both producer and reseller can benefit from Amazon's reputation and need to put less work into marketing themselves.

Anyone who is afraid that their products will not be quickly brought to the attention of consumers, has little to fear. Amazon reported in 2017 that more than half of the articles sold come from small and medium-sized companies that offer their goods on the Amazon marketplace.

In order to automate your marketplace sales, a few systems need to be set-up to create the ideal workflow and ensure a steady growth in your online sales. We call this the ideal application landscape for sales via marketplaces.


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The ideal application landscape for selling via marketplaces

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