Why you don’t pay commission at EffectConnect for marketplace integration

Bart Vintcent
May 15, 2019

There are several solutions for marketplace automation. Every provider has his own specialization and business model. In this blog we will dive deeper into the various models and discuss why EffectConnect choose for said models

What do you pay for marketplace integration?

The most common payment methods used in the market are:

Payment upfront
There are integrations with marketplaces you can purchase and pay for at once. These solutions often come ‘as is’ and without any kind of support. Any kind of developments and expansions of the integration lack from these types of solutions. When you are just starting out with automation for marketplaces, this might sound like an interesting solution. However, be aware of the opportunities you miss out on by not having the proper support with your marketplace activities.

Monthly payments based on sales revenue
A common clearance for marketplace integrators is based on sales revenue. In most cases you will pay about 2% of your revenue to the integrator, often with a minimum amount of 70-80 euros per month.

When you have no clue of how you are going to perform at the marketplace, this might seem interesting, but the costs go up faster than expected. Especially when you do not receive any support in the form of consultancy to improve your sales. It will tip the scales on the cost of the solution versus what the outcome eventually brings.

Monthly payment based on usage
A third model is the one used by EffectConnect; where you pay based on usage. In the case of EffectConnect that means that the monthly contribution is a set fee, that is dependant on the number of products you offer and the amount marketplaces you wish to sell on.

Naturally this type of payment can become a little expensive when you are not selling all too much (the starting amount at EffectConnect is 99 euros per month). However, the incentive is that you are conscious about what you offer, which stimulates your sales and will therefore be profitable. Plus, at EffectConnect you are ensured of optimal and personal support!

Why EffectConnect charges a fixed monthly fee
EffectConnect works with a monthly subscription to offer cultivation and continuous support. Due to the constant cultivation new plugins and features are added to the product, which are available to every user. Often without additional costs for the customer.

No revenue dependant fee
At EffectConnect we are convinced that the revenue you generate via the marketplaces is the result of your own efforts and that of the marketplace. According to our vision these two parties (merchant and marketplace) are the only ones that are owed a share in the revenue.

EffectConnect takes care of the operational automation that has to function, regardless of the amount of orders. We do not automate more or less, when you sell more or less. That is why do no think that the efforts of our software can be cleared on sales revenue.

The advantages:

  • The integration costs remain the same, even when you start to sell (way) more;
  • You are ensured of continuous cultivation of the integration tool;
  • New features can be used without any additional costs;
  • Excellent support service is included, regardless of turnover;
  • The profit remains yours.

Our pricemodel

Illustratie prijsmodel EC-ENG

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