Why you should sell on marketplaces

Mirthe Simoen
December 22, 2020

The range of webshops is nowadays so large that it becomes difficult for customers to find your products. You could promote your webshop even more but there is a more effective way to get your products noticed: sell your products through marketplaces. Did you already know that most consumers start their search here?

Research by Forrester shows that half of all B2C (Business-to-consumer) turnover comes from marketplaces. This is expected to grow to 66% in 2022.

There are different types of marketplaces. For example, there are specialist marketplaces that offer different brands, products and services within one category. Think of HomeDeco, for example, where you can find all kinds of home & living products. There are also all-in-one marketplaces where you can find all kinds of products and services. A great example of an all-in-one marketplace is Amazon. 

The benefits of selling through online marketplaces

1.Online marketplaces have a huge reach

It has never been easier to sell internationally. You can reach 300 million potential online consumers in Europe alone when you sell your products on marketplaces. Selling internationally has never been easier. Especially the British and German markets are booming.

2. Control your logistics process easily

When you start selling through marketplaces this has an impact on your logistics processes. If your logistics capabilities are not sufficient or if you don't want to invest extra in this, you can opt for fulfilment via the marketplace at bol.com or Amazon. Your products will be stocked at the marketplaces and they are responsible for the entire logistics process. Although this is not free of charge, it will save you a lot of time. And we all know: time=money. Another advantage of fulfilment via marketplace is that you can handle a better delivery time. This will also improve your visibility and performance on the marketplace.

3. Increase your brand awareness easily

If you sell your products through a well-known marketplace such as Amazon, this also has a positive effect on your brand awareness. Sometimes the marketplaces even promote your products for free. They do this because they want to provide their customers with a suitable offer in the places they are looking for. This will result in an increase in your sales market. This way you reach your target group even better and the great thing is: you don't have to spend a penny on it. When you have a physical store this can lead to more visitors in your offline store

What to keep in mind when you sell trough marketplaces

  1. You need to update your stocks several times a day. The marketplace will punish you when you are unable to deliver because your stock is not correct. For example, they might give you a lower rating
  2. Confirm your orders as soon as they come in. You can do this via the dashboard of your marketplace.
  3. Copy the order information correctly in order to be able to deliver the order correctly. An incorrectly delivered item will result in unnecessary returns and may result in a poor customer rating.
  4. Copy the order information correctly in order to be able to deliver the order correctly. An incorrectly delivered item will result in unnecessary returns and may result in a poor customer rating.
  5. Very important: keep track of how much time you spend on manual work such as updating your stock or changing your prices. Are you working on this for more than an hour? Make sure that these activities are automated. This will save you a lot of time and money!

Automate your sales on marketplaces via EffectConnect

Do you also want to automate your sales via marketplaces? Then integrate your webshop via EffectConnect to the marketplaces of your choice. This way you will save yourself a lot of time and generate extra turnover in no time!

Start selling through marketplaces

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