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Decathlon Belgium starts their own marketplace

Decathlon is now also opening its platform to other sellers. This provides opportunities for online sporting goods retailers wanting to grow.

Just before the start of the holidays we learned about an interesting development in the field of marketplaces. Decathlon is following the trend of platform economy and opens its own platform. While already having a huge reach, Decathlon is opening their platform for other sellers who contribute to a more active, healthier lifestyle and value people & planet.

The start and enormous growth of Decathlon

In 1976 Decathlon opened its first sports shop in the French municipality of Englos, about 15 km south of the border with Belgium. Since then the organization has grown and developed into one of the largest sports store chains in the world. With more than 1500 physical stores, including 21 in the Netherlands, they meet the needs of the sporting consumer with their extensive range of sports equipment and services.

Whereas until recently Decathlon was only active online through their own webshop, they announced in October 2020 that they are starting a marketplace platform in Belgium.

From Q1 2021, an expansion of the marketplace is planned which includes countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

An interesting marketplace for online sport retailers

As an online marketplace, Decathlon is an interesting platform for online retailers who sell sports equipment. You are assured of a wide reach (every month, on the Belgian website alone, they receive more than 13 million unique visitors) and you can benefit from the excellent reputation of this trusted brand. The expectations for third party sellers are therefore very promising.

As an online seller of sports equipment, Decathlon is the right place to increase your sales market. Of course you need to register at this marketplace. Keep in mind that this platform works with a closed listing.

This means that they only access sellers that completely match their brand. These are partners who, just like Decathlon, contribute to a more active and healthier lifestyle, with an eye for people & the planet, in order to add value to their growing sports & wellness community. A critical consideration for authorization is of course important and necessary to continue to appeal to the right consumers.

Online retailers who have a good product, business idea or service that match Decathlon's are always welcome at Decathlon.

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