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New Dutch Feed Manager

User-friendly Feed Manager. For creating unique feeds for affiliate channels or sending product data from brand / supplier to retailers.

The creation and sending of data, for example for use on platforms such as Google Shopping, Facebook and Kelkoo or for sending from brand / supplier to retailers, has recently become an increasing issue for entrepreneurs in the retail supply chain. To help with this, we have developed a new Feed Manager! This is extremely user-friendly and offers very useful features.

With the EffectConnect Feed Manager, you as an online retailer, can send datafeeds to the affiliate channels or other advertisers and you can generate more traffic to your webshop. In doing so, you make sure besides selling via marketplaces, you can increase your sales even more!

The Feed Manager is also interesting for you as a producer / supplier, because it allows you to easily, quickly and automatically send up-to-date data to retail customers, so that they too can work with up-to-date information!

The big advantages of this Feed Manager for you

  • The interface of this Feed Manager is super clear and it is intuitive to use.
  • The data for your feeds can come from your webshop or other e-commerce system, or you can use an XML or CSV file.
  • You can easily create custom attributes that you can use in the feeds. Combining or modifying data is quickly done and this option makes it possible to build unique data feeds.
  • Through easy to make product selections you determine yourself, based on rules you set, which products should fall within a selection.
  • You make product selections that you can use for each feed in the Feed Manager and you can always download a complete overview of all products that fall within the selection.
  • You can choose whether you want to use existing feed structures, create your own feed structures or modify existing templates / feed structures.
  • You can easily set at what time your feed should be sent to which channel.
  • Are you missing a channel that is important to you as a template? Let us know and we will arrange it for you!
  • Within the Feed Manager you can find a lot of short instructional videos that can help.
  • Our committed and enthusiastic support colleagues are of course available if you have any questions!

Because we find it important that our customers save a lot of time by working with our products, we have done our best to make this Feed Manager as convenient as possible. In addition, we are always open to suggestions, so if you discover things in this Feed Manager that you think you can do even smarter, we would love to hear from you!

The Feed Manager for your organization

Does this appeal to you and would you like to try the EffectConnect Feed Manager for free? Please contact us and we will gladly help you on your way!

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