Newest update from EffectConnect: Channel Manager

Mirthe Simoen
3 December 2020

The developers of EffectConnect are currently developing something new: Channel Manager. For online sellers this tool will be very useful. Some of the improvements: more flexibility in the field of data, custom attributes and faster synchronization. Want to know more about how you will benefit?  We will explain all below.

The tailor made synchronization with marketplaces

When you sell on multiple marketplaces, you'll probably know that every martketplace maintains different content requirements. This sometimes poses a challenge in adding content.

By improving the synchronization with the marketplaces, we ensure that a lot of information can be adapted to the requirements of a specific marketplace.

Our new Channel Manager enables you to create custom attributes, these are attributes which you can establish yourself. For example, you can create a product title specifically for 

Do you prefer that some products of certain brands are not visible on Amazon, but are visible on You can easily configure this with our new Channel Manager. This provides more flexibility in processing your content per marketplace. 


Configure attributes per marketplace

Determine prices per marketplace

You can control which prices should be maintained on each marketplace. This comes in handy when you face different competition with different prices on marketplaces. You can outsmart your competition by adapting your prices per marketplace. You can also determine what your priorities are with regards to pricing and configure for which products these rules apply.

prioriteit prijs-1

Configure your priorities for your pricing. For example: you can configure that your fixed price is always first and your Repricer supersedes the Batch Repricer. This helps in winning the buy box and increases your position in search results.

More flexibility and insights in your own data

Our Channel Manager provides more insights in your data per webshop. You can check whether your data actually arrived at a marketplace and you can manage specific features per channel. 

logging producten
Get more insights in what changes are executed via the product logs.

Every change you make is logged per marketplace. For example: do you notice a price which you don't prefer for a certain marketplace, you can use the logs to find out how this price appeared on this marketplace. This helps you to control your data.

Did you notice an error somewhere? You can use the Channel Manager to find out what went wrong and where. This saves a lot of time investigating the entire system. Time you can rather spend elsewhere. 

Channel Manager in practice

What changes with our new Channel Manager? With the improved integrations, your content will better fit the respective marketplace. Also, you can configure theis to your own preference.

The Channel Manager provides more insight in your data. You can export your data much faster and errors are easily found and solved. 

You will experience more flexibility in the configuration of your content. You can create unique content for each marketplace by creating custom attributes, which helps you influence your sales. And that is what matters!

Would you like to know more? View below video of our Channel Manager!


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