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Selling On Amazon Sweden

Amazon is launching a new marketplace in Sweden and in this blog we tell you about the benefits of selling through Amazon Sweden!

After entering the Dutch market earlier this year, Amazon is now also starting a marketplace in Scandinavia, Sweden to be precise. This move had been expected for a while and recently Amazon announced they were indeed working on a Swedish platform. Through this platform, Amazon plans to not only target Swedish consumers, but customers in other Scandinavian countries as well.

What’s the state of the e-commerce market in the Nordics?

The e-commerce market in Sweden is mature; consumers are used to doing their shopping online and like it. In Sweden alone online sales account for over 35 billion euros a year. This makes Sweden a perfect market for online sellers.

The online marketplaces in the Nordics aren’t (yet) dominated by the major players, such as Amazon and E-bay. Consumers do use Amazon, but generally on,, or The downside for them is high shipping costs, which means Swedish consumers often prefer native marketplaces.

Expectations for the e-commerce market and Amazon Sweden

Scandinavian consumers certainly want to shop at Amazon. The main reason for this is the wide range of products available on the platform. It therefore makes sense for Amazon to launch a local marketplace here.

Amazon’s Vice President of EU Expansion, Alex Ootes, indicates that they will be focusing on things that are important to Scandinavian consumers (competitive prices, plenty of choice, and speedy delivery), planning to grow consumer confidence in Amazon there over time.

As over 50 percent of products on Amazon are come from external sellers, it’s a good idea for Dutch online retailers to consider Amazon Sweden as well.

Smart selling through Amazon Sweden

The moment Amazon Sweden goes live, we’ll be ready with the integration, enabling you to sell to Scandinavian consumers efficiently using EffectConnect!

Are you ready to grow?

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