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Selling Through Amazon in Poland

Amazon Poland is on its way! We'll give you useful information that will help you enter the Polish market.

E-commerce in Eastern Europe is showing impressive growth and Poland is no exception. For years e-commerce revenue has been growing considerably (25% growth in 2019 compared to 2018) and, like many countries, Covid-19 has boosted online sales enormously in 2020 (80+%). 


The Size of E-Commerce in Poland

If five or ten years ago you would have claimed that Poland’s e-commerce market would soon rival that of the Netherlands, people might have taken you for a fool. But you would have been right! In 2020 Poland’s e-commerce market grew to 22 billion euros, getting close to the approx. 25-billion-euro Dutch e-commerce market.

This Is Why Poland’s E-commerce Will Continue To Grow Even More:

  • With a population of around 38 million, Poland has almost twice as many people as the Netherlands
  • Only 48% of Poles are currently shopping online (JP Morgan research), so there are plenty of consumers who haven’t yet adopted it!
  • At present, Poles only spend about 500 euros online per year, compared to the 2,400-euro annual European average (JP Morgan research)

There is plenty of growth opportunity for the Polish e-commerce market, fed by more people adopting online shopping and an increase in online spending.

Amazon Is Seizing the Growth Opportunities Offered by the Polish Market

With Amazon Poland, Amazon has entered the local Polish e-commerce market. They’re ready to benefit from the growth opportunities offered by this country. And with this step, Amazon sellers can ride the growth of this interesting market in Eastern Europe.

How serious Amazon is about embracing the Polish market is clear from the fact that they’ve created 18,000 new jobs in Poland. Many of these are part of the logistics operation that Amazon will use to offer FBA, among other services.

Amazon FBA in Poland

FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is the logistical service offered by Amazon to its sellers. As a seller this means that you’ll outsource the logistics for consumer shipping (and returns) to Amazon. In addition, you’ll benefit from a number of other advantages, such as the best delivery times and the fact that Amazon will take care of a lot of your customer service. If you choose to do your own logistics, they also expect you to do your own customer service.


If you partner with EffectConnect, you can easily use Amazon’s FBA. We can even import the FBA orders to your back office, ensuring that you’re always on top of your sales and administrative work.


Foreign Currency: Polish Złoty

Poland has its own currency, the zloty. At the time of writing, one zloty is worth about 0,22 euro. This means that when you want to start doing business on Amazon Poland, you’ll have to convert your pricing into the Polish Zloty.

EffectConnect uses a live exchange rate that enables you to automatically convert your prices (in euros for example) to a price in Polish zloty. If you’re already selling on Amazon UK or Amazon Sweden, you’re probably familiar with this process.


The currency isn’t just converted when you create an offer. When you receive an order in zloty, we will convert it automatically to your back office’s preferred currency.


Ready for Launch

When exactly consumers will be able to order from Amazon Poland isn’t entirely clear yet. It will probably depend, at least in part, on how many sellers have signed on to sell their wares on Amazon Poland. As a seller you can already get started on Amazon Poland today and add your products. That way you’ll have a head start when the platform launches fully!

The adoption of new Amazon countries is always strong among Amazon sellers. Just take a look at the graph below, showing the launches of Amazon in the Netherlands and in Poland. 


EffectConnect is completely prepared for Amazon Poland’s launch.
You can already create a link to this new Amazon country and set up your product range in the right currency. Would you like to start selling on Amazon Poland? Let us know and we’ll help you get started!

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