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As a vendor at you want to sell as much as possible. In order to do so, you must deliver the correct data. In this blog we will tell you how to do this!

As a supplier you can sell your products via or you sell your products to and they will take care of sales and delivery to the consumer. In this blog we will highlight how you can set-up the automation process in the most efficient way when you are a supplier of .

Up-to-date stock and purchase prices will help suppliers grow

As a merchant you can do business with in a variety of ways. The most common way is to offer your products on their platform as a ‘’plaza salesman’’. Here you can option for shipping the products yourself to the consumer, or to have this done by through their Logistics via bol feature. This form of selling fits the marketplace model to which companies like and Amazon grow enormously.

A more traditional form of doing business with is in the supplier-form. You are either a brand or distributor and purchases these products from you and sells them via their platform. The products become property of, this in contrary to the marketplace model, where the products remain your property.

When you have established such an association with, it is important that is aware of the conditions to which they can purchase your products. must know what she can purchase  

When wants to purchase your products, the organisation wants to know which products are available and to which conditions they can be purchased. Much like with plaza sales, it is of importance that what you are offering is up-to-date, to avoid having to a sell a no and discussions about the price.

To simplify this process, EffectConnect has set up a Supplier Integration, in which we can update inventory data in multiple times per hour based on the source data we have obtained of the vendor, minimal procurance, purchase prices and delivery times.

Only the bestsellers?

Characteristic to the type of sales relation, it is quite common that only purchases the best selling products, but the longtail to a lesser extent or not at all. This is a shame of course, because as a brand you want to display all of your products to the customers. But, there is a solution!

With EffectConnect you can combine your vendors account with a plaza sellers account. In doing so you can offer the longtail directly to the consumer as a plaza seller ánd still buys a part of your stock. In this situation you can sell your entire assortment via, keep all of the data up-to-date and process orders in a simple way into your own systems.

Looking for more B2B marketplaces?

More and more marketplaces are being set up with a B2B model. Amazon has for instance an Amazon Business feature, but companies such as Metro have set up a B2B marketplace. A lot of opportunities are presenting themselves in a rapid pace.

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