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Automatic localization of stock at

Do you want to know how much you have at, so you can switch quickly between LVB and your own stock? You can now do this automatically!

As a plaza merchant you are probably making use of Logistics via (LVB). You often have to switch between your own stock and the one stored at Due to our new feature this will go automatically and you will always have the best delivery time!

Automatically switching between LVB and delivery via base stock

In our fulfilment manager you can control shipments and make sure there is a direct and automated switch between the stock that is stored at and the stock you have stored yourself.

But, up until today you had to indicate which products of the LVB you wanted to trace. As of now that is no longer required!

Tracing stock at

As of today you can choose to have EffectConnect fetch the inventory information from and insert those products automatically into the LVB.

How does that work?

If you are selling via and are making use of LVB. When you start with EffectConnect and click the button ‘Auto-tracking’ in the fulfilment manager overview. As of that moment EffectConnect will search at which stock of yours is present. These products will end up in a batch in the fulfilment manager and will be automatically inserted into the LVB.  Is the stock with exhausted and have you made a link through which the stock can be picked up from your own warehouse? At this point the fulfilment manager will switch within EffectConnect automatically to your own stock and send through the correct delivery time.

Because of this new feature you will have fewer worries about keeping your inventory data accurate, are guaranteed of offering the best delivery time and have an increased chance of obtaining a solid position on the buyer’s block.

Does this sound like music to your ears and would you like to know more about our latest features? Then read our other blogs about the knacks of EffectConnect.

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