EffectConnect and Logic4 - Stronger together

Saskia Thomassen
Team Lead Marketing at EffectConnect
21 June 2022

EffectConnect and Logic4 have joined forces as sister companies. This cooperation has been formalised as of 1 September 2021. We spoke with Bart Vintcent, CEO of EffectConnect, and Daniel Ruff, CEO of Logic4 about this collaboration. 

Your platforms have been working together in terms of integration for some time. How did the idea of becoming sister companies come about?

Bart: With EffectConnect, we (Rob van Brussel, Stefan Van den Heuvel and Bart Vintcent) have always had the vision to see how far the three of us could take it, until the moment that we felt it was necessary to involve an external party that could strengthen us and with which we could continue to grow.

Daniel: Logic4 is an all-in-one party. Our core modules are focused on ERP and webshop systems. We also have our own marketplace connection, but this market is developing extremely fast and is becoming very important for customers. We therefore wanted to attract an external party with marketplace integrations as its focus, so that we can offer a specialism.

What is the purpose of this stronger cooperation? 

Bart: That actually starts when the need for cooperation arises: you want to scale up as an organisation and take yourself and your customers to the next level, technically, commercially and geographically.

Daniel: There are so many areas of overlap within e-commerce and business software that Logic4 felt the need to offer a suite of e-commerce options to our target group. Actually, you can see it as a relief package with services that complement each other to automate business practices. An ERP system is often the centre from which one operates, but there are still so many automation questions from the customer. We want to offer as many solutions as possible for that.


What will the cooperation between Logic4 and EC look like?

Daniel: As two different companies, we meet different customer needs. The strength of our cooperation lies both in the complementary side, in how we complement each other, and on the personal side. I have a commercial focus, where Bart is mainly product oriented. This allows us to have good discussions, but above all to put a qualitatively strong product on the market for both parties. Our collaboration also has an impact on both teams: everyone has the same mindset to take Logic4 and EffectConnect to the next level.

What will change for customers, suppliers and other stakeholders?

Bart: Actually, nothing at all! We've been working together since September 1, 2021, and probably no one has noticed. We are making double the progress on the back end, learning from each other and optimising processes, procedures and technology.

What advantages will the new cooperation have for existing and new customers?

Bart: This cooperation is intended to strengthen each other. We focus on the organic growth of Logic4 and EffectConnect. Together, we can operate in an internationally scalable way and strengthen each other's growth. We have international growth ambitions and we can realise them together. We will not lose sight of our main market, The Netherlands and Belgium. The goal is to increase our presence abroad, while continuing to offer continuity and quality in our home market. Customers can grow along with us. In addition, we optimise our existing products and services by joining forces and learning from each other.

You both offer e-commerce business software. How does this affect customer choice?

Bart: Our starting point is always: Does it fit the customer? What does he need and what fits best? As a marketplace integrator, we can link with all kinds of systems.

Daniel: Of course we at Logic4 will do our utmost to establish an exceptionally good integration with EffectConnect. But our cooperation is based on strengthening each other. The fact that we also look at whether customers fit in with EffectConnect is an extra matter.

How do you see the future for Logic4 and EffectConnect?

Daniel: We see international growth opportunities for EffectConnect and Logic4 that we want to realise together. EffectConnect's main focus is on change (in processes, ed.). For Logic4, the advantage is to have a better focus on core products and to no longer have to take care of marketplace integrations ourselves.


About our sister company Logic4

Logic4 is the all-in-one web shop platform and business software for small to medium-sized companies in e-commerce, wholesale and retail. The Logic4 software contains all the functionalities that a trading company needs. With Logic4 you manage your B2B/B2C webshop(s), purchasing, stock, product information, CRM, quotations, orders, invoicing, accounting, dashboards, synchronisations and now also marketplaces (!) from one central system.

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