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How do you create a quality datafeed?

Advertising through affiliate channels can be profitable. You need a good datafeed for this. In this blog we will explain how to create a quality datafeed.

Advertising through affiliate channels or other advertisers can be profitable for your company or webshop. With these affiliate channels and advertisers you need to provide a product or datafeed in order to display your advertisements. A datafeed is a file that consists of a list of products divided into groups of attributes, which describe the products in a unique way.

The channels you send the datafeeds to, often have certain requirements for a product feed. We have templates available for a number of channels, which saves you a lot of searching. If you prefer to create your own datafeed, you can do this yourself within the EffectConnect Feed Manager. We explain how this is done.

Start by connecting your webshop to EffectConnect, so the source data will automatically come into the Feed Manager. Next you will convert this product list to a datafeed in the Feed Manager.

Which components does a quality datafeed contain?

A quality datafeed contains the following components:

  1. SKU
  2. Product title
  3. Product description 
  4. Name of the brand or manufacturer
  5. EAN - a unique 14-digit number used to identify items, products and services
  6. Image link of the product
  7. Link to the product on the website
  8. Category of the product, as mentioned on your website
  9. Stock quantity
  10. Price
  11. Shipping costs

Creating your own attributes

With the EffectConnect Feed Manager you can customize your feed using attributes. Attributes are fields in which for example the selling price, color, article description or size is mentioned. In the EffectConnect Feed Manager you can create your own attributes!

It is for example possible to combine attributes like brand and size in one field. Or to split, calculate, transform data (to uppercase, lowercase), group, fill, shorten, perform find & replace actions, etc. This makes it easy to share unique attributes in your feeds.


Uploading the feed

When you have set up the feed to your satisfaction, you can upload it to the desired channel or advertiser. This is arranged in the EffectConnect Feed Manager with a single click of the button!

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