How WebElephant achieves 20% additional revenue growth through marketplaces for 4uStore

How WebElephant and Effectconnect provide a marketplace strategy for 4uStore, by deploying several marketplaces.

Effectconnect is the platform to sell products on a marketplace. WebElephant has had a strategic partnership with 4uStore for years and sees opportunities to generate more sales from different marketplaces. WebElephant is a full service digital performance agency in Breda. We focus on a smart strategic and executable plan which is combined with smart technology. The webshops are built on Adobe Commerce (Magento).

WebElephant has already started several great projects with EffectConnect and for that reason it was a logical addition to engage Effectconnect for 4uStore. In cooperation, a marketplace strategy was created which proved to be very successful. In cooperation with EffectConnect, several API links were created, including with:

  • Bol BE
  • Amazon NL
  • Amazon DE
  • Kaufland

The API integration ensures that the Magento webshop realized by WebElephant is provided with the correct order integration. This allows 4uStore to easily process its orders and ensures a more efficient way of doing business. Together with the customer, WebElephant puts in place a good and complete performance strategy.

The partnership & the result

By working with WebElephant and EffectConnect to devise a marketplaces strategy, sales have grown by about 20%. This growth is on top of the annual growth achieved by deploying other channels and strategies. An achievement with which 4uStore is very happy.

Sales are expected to grow even further, due to the increase in channels (Kaufland and Amazon DE) and an increasing and competitive product portfolio that WebElephant and 4uStore are working on together. The expectation is to double revenue from the various marketplaces, contributing to the internationalization strategy.

WebElephant relieves 4uStore of all marketing and development tasks, so that they can focus on improving the other business processes and strategies. WebElephant thinks strategically, advises on optimizing the product portfolio and helps to create additional attributes in Magento.

Product sales on Marketplaces

An advantage of selling through marketplaces is that you can choose the range of products you would like to sell. Through EffectConnect's affiliated platforms, 4uStore sells products that are more competition-sensitive. These campaigns have been successfully managed by WebElephant for years.

From this data, a portfolio analysis is made and, among other things, products that are less likely to be picked up by the shopping campaign and competition-sensitive products are pushed through the marketplaces. Through this synergy, 4uStore can still operate competitively with its full portfolio, allowing Webelephant to achieve the ambitious goals together with 4uStore.

Future-oriented collaboration

4uStore will work enthusiastically with EffectConnect in the coming periods and will start to scale up its portfolio in this. A goal jointly set is to grow market share in Europe. The expansion realized with EffectConnect is interesting and offers potential for the future. Hence, platforms such as Kaufland and Amazon DE have already been tapped. For its part, WebElephant will work on webshop development and further expansion in the European market through other online channels and the overall strategy to achieve the goals.


*This blog is written by Elvira van der Wees, Business Development Manager at WebElephant. Visit WebElephant at the Marketplace Conference 2023 where they will answer all of your questions. For more information about the event and tickets:

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