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Selling on Kaufland Global Marketplace is one of the largest marketplaces in Germany. Start selling through with EffectConnect and boost your marketplace sales!

Kaufland Global Marketplace is on its way to becoming Germany's largest marketplace. With over 25 million products in its assortment and 32 million monthly unique visitors, Kaufland is a marketplace that is a must for your e-commerce strategy. In this blog we will tell you why and how you can start selling on Kaufland Global Marketplace.

Perhaps you are not yet familiar with, which is not very strange because the marketplace used to carry the name is a horizontal marketplace and sells products from more than 5,000 categories. The marketplace is currently already the third largest marketplace in Germany and is only expected to grow. In 2023, they will further roll out their online marketplace to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What makes so interesting

On, you can find products in any category. There are 10 basic categories on

  • Food
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Cars & Motorcycles
  • Living
  • Baby & Child
  • Kitchen & Household
  • Electronics
  • Garden & DIY
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Cosmetics & Health

If you are a retailer looking to expand into Germany and your products fall within these categories, is the perfect marketplace for you!

1300 physical stores

Kaufland is not only active in the e-commerce world, but is also known for its large physical stores with a wide selection of products. Kaufland has over 1300 physical stores spread all over Germany. Besides food products, they also sell all kinds of non-food items such as personal care products, vehicle accessories, gardening items and much more. The wide assortment makes Kaufland wildly popular among German residents.

Selling on

By offering your products on, you have immediate access to the 32 million online visitors the marketplace attracts every month. 

In order to sell on, you don't have to dig deep into your pockets; the platform's monthly sales fee is only 39.95 euros. In addition to the regular subscription fee, a commission is added per product sold. The exact percentage of commission varies by category, but typically the marketplace keeps about 6.5 to 12.5% commission per product sold. 

The German consumer

German consumers value good service. To attract the German customer, you have to make sure that the product information of your products is correct and that they are well translated. It is best to have this done by a translation agency, because the German consumer reads product information much more accurately than the Dutch consumer.

Germans are not easily impressed by discounts, but they are impressed by brand awareness and the opinions of other customers. Therefore, make sure you collect a lot of (positive) reviews and of course achieve the buying block as much as possible. 

The advantages of selling via

Marketing activities puts a lot of energy into its marketing activities, which you as a seller can fully benefit from. For example, the marketplace offers ads on its homepage and product pages, and you have the opportunity to advertise via's social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

As with many other marketplaces, you can also set up a Brand Shop at Kaufland. A page completely dedicated to your organization and product range. You have full control over the layout of this Brand Shop. 

Besides various online opportunities, you can also physically reach the customers of through the leaflets they send out every week and the flyers in the packaging of orders. For an overview of all possibilities, take a look at the Seller Info Area of

Excellent support

At, you’ll never sell alone (pun intended). Run into a problem or don't understand something? No problem. At they are there for you every day with excellent service and support. They are easily accessible and know how to provide you with good advice. In addition, they have set up a Seller University - where you can find all relevant information and watch tutorials about your seller account at


Start selling on via EffectConnect

Ready to get started with this marketplace giant? With the integration software of EffectConnect you can start selling in no time. By connecting your shop to via EffectConnect you can be sure that your stock is always up-to-date, orders are automatically placed in your shop, and you always have your delivery reliability under control thanks to the track&trace connection.


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