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Increase your profits at with a smart warehouse switch

Increase your profit margins on with EffectConnect's scheduling feature. Automatically switch between your own warehouse and marketplace logistics to achieve higher margins on your own shipments/

As a marketplace seller on, it's a smart move to find ways to increase profit margins without necessarily increasing sales. One such way is to use the new scheduling feature in EffectConnect to optimize your logistics between your own warehouse and marketplace logistics. This allows you to achieve higher margins on orders shipped from your own warehouse, while still maintaining the "ordered today, delivered tomorrow" promise, even for late orders. In this article, we discuss how this switching mechanism works and the benefits it provides.

The challenge: finding the ideal balance between profit margins and next-day delivery

  • Your own warehouse offers higher profit margins when shipping products.
  • However, your warehouse has an earlier cut-off time, making next-day delivery a challenge for late orders.

The solution: EffectConnect's automated warehouse switch

EffectConnect automates your marketplace sales on The software allows you to automatically switch between offers sent by the marketplace and offers sent from your own warehouse.

The new scheduling feature allows you to:

  • Instruct the software to ship from your own warehouse(s) on specific days until your own cut-off time.
  • Switch to fulfillment via bol (LvB) after your own cut-off time.

The benefits: higher profit margins without having to generate additional revenue

  • Shipping from your own warehouse ensures higher profit margins.
  • Orders are eligible for next-day delivery even after your own cut-off time.

With this strategy, you can optimize your logistics and increase your profit margin.

How do you calculate the additional profit?

  • Count how many orders you receive before your own cut-off time.
  • Multiply this number by the extra margin you can make when you ship from your own warehouse.
  • This calculation shows the extra profit generated without the need for additional revenue.

Let's look at a practical example to better understand the potential profit increase using the scheduling feature in EffectConnect.

Suppose your average selling price is 50 euros, and your additional profit margin for shipping from your own warehouse is 15%. If you sell 150 orders per day, and 75 of these orders are placed before the cut-off time of your own warehouse, you would be better off shipping these orders from your own warehouse instead of the marketplace's warehouse.

To calculate the extra profit from shipping these 75 orders from your own warehouse, simply multiply the number of appropriate orders (75) by the extra profit margin (15%). In this case:

Extra profit per day = 75 orders * 50 euros * 15% = 562.50 euros

By using this strategic switch, you generate $562.50 additional profit per day without increasing your sales. This demonstrates the value of using EffectConnect's scheduling feature to optimize your logistics and increase your profits.




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