How you can use good product photos to improve the reliability, conversion, and returns of your online sales!

Tom Broekhuizen
Tom is New Business Manager at our partner Dropyourimage. Because good pictures help to achieve good results!
5 October 2021

Product photos are of increasing importance for a successful online business. What is the influence of good product photos on the reliability, conversion and returns of online sales? And how do you organize this process efficiently? We will bring you up to speed!


First impressions! It is common knowledge that we read less and less and look at more and more at pictures. The average online shopper reads an average of 20% of the words found on a page. The first thing they see are images. And on a webshop or marketplace these are usually product images. During the first impression, this can cause the consumer to either drop out or follow the purchasing process. Good product photos ensure a professional online appearance and a powerful first impression. The basis for more online success!

In addition, 63% of consumers say they consider product photos to be more important than product descriptions, and more than half even consider product images more important than reviews or ratings. In short, make sure your photos are in order!



A professional appearance and a good first impression ensure that the consumer does not abandon the purchase process. In addition, provide multiple product images per product. Ebay researched that this is definitely worth it. The difference between one or two product images increases conversion by 7 percent on average! And each additional product image by another 3 percent on average. Easy win right?


Reduce returns

A major wish of (almost) every webshop or E-commerce company. Reduce the number of returns! If you are going to increase the number of product images per product, make sure you make them as realistic as possible. Provide mood shots, detail shots and clear product shots from different sides of the product. Give the consumer the best possible impression of the product. Do not sell yourself short with bad or too few images, but certainly do not exaggerate or make products look better than they really are. This will lead to disappointment when the consumer opens the package and will of course increase the number of returns of your online business.


Handling your product photos efficiently

Presenting photos, taking photos and processing them, that takes up an enormous amount of time. And then they are not even online yet! Make sure that you organize this process as efficiently as possible.

Consistency is extremely important for product photos. Therefore, when taking photos, make sure you create a setting where you can always take the product photos in the same way and from the same angle. This is already the first step towards professional, consistent product images. The real gain is made in post-production. Make sure you have fixed specifications when it comes to your product images and outsource your post-production. It takes a lot of time, and it always takes longer than you had in mind.


Photo editing by Dropyourimage

Dropyourimage is an official partner of EffectConnect and when it comes to the editing of your product photos. We will look together with you at the specifications you have in mind and which specifications the marketplaces will ask of you. Based on these requirements, we will set up specifications especially for you. That way, you always get your product images delivered in the same way. Choose from the desired pixels, white spaces, file types, shadows or not, retouching, straightening and many other editing options. Start today and have 5 photos edited according to your wishes free of charge and without any obligation.