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Successfully placing and selling products on Amazon

Read about Amazon Product Listing guidelines, how to classify or map products and how an Amazon Badge will help you sell more!

Putting product content on Amazon in a good way is important for increasing your sales opportunities. You need to do this accurately and in the right way, and of course you need to provide attractive content and the right badges. In this blog we will help you on your way and explain some important things.

General guidelines for your Amazon product listing

In order to set up your product listing properly, Amazon has set up some guidelines. These guidelines include how to build your title, how many characters it should have, how to properly name the brand and manufacturer, how to indicate unique points of your product and how to set up your product description and accompanying photos. Amazon has also set up guidelines specifically for photos.

Classify product folders / products on Amazon

Amazon currently offers 24 different product categories, most of which are subdivided into different subcategories. If you enter the EAN code and Amazon already knows the product, your products will automatically be placed in the correct category. If you have unique products with your own EAN codes, you will have to put your products in the right category once.

Is your product already known to Amazon?
Then you can easily folder / classify your product by choosing the Search option. Then type in the name or descriptive words for your product and click on Search. Then simply select the right type of product and choose it.

Is your product not yet sold on Amazon?
Then use the product classification: Select the right category for your product. Continue limiting the category by selecting the appropriate subcategory. Click Select to add the rating to your product listing. Repeat this step for all your (new) products. Do you want to do this in one go with Excel template? Then read step 2, option 1, in the blog of our partner Maatwerk Online.

Note: If you see a lock next to a product, you need permission to sell this product on Amazon.


Amazon badges & FBA increases your sales chances

Amazon works with a number of different badges that are placed with the products. These badges give a certain status to a product, which makes them part of the purchase considerations.

Amazon Prime Badge

Amazon (FBA) Prime Badge
You get the Prime Badge automatically when you choose FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon). Amazon will then take care of the entire shipment for you and will make sure that products that have this badge are shown at the top of the product range. This also applies on Prime Day, one of the biggest events on Amazon.

Amazon (Seller Fulfilled) Prime Badge 
This badge indicates to the buyer that he is assured of fast delivery and reliable customer service. If you take care of shipping yourself, you can earn this Seller Fulfilled Prime badge by meeting the following requirements:

  • Offer premium shipping options
  • Send more than 99% of orders on time
  • Have a cancellation rate for orders under 0.5%.
  • Use Amazon Buy Shipping Services for at least 98.5% of orders
  • Deliver orders to our Prime-carriers supported by the seller
  • The seller must agree to the Amazon return policy
  • Make sure all customer service questions are handled by Amazon.

Fulfilled by Amazon badge

Fulfilled by Amazon Badge
If you have chosen FBA then the 'Fulfilled by Amazon' badge will also be added to your product. Because the shipping is done by Amazon, the buyer knows he can rely on the fast delivery and reliable customer service of Amazon. This means that a buyer buys your product faster than from another supplier without this badge. Another advantage of using FBA is that you have a greater chance of getting into the Buy Box / block.

Automated sales on Amazon

Automating your sales on Amazon saves you time by eliminating the need to manually take orders from the Amazon dashboard. EffectConnect ensures that your orders just appear in the backend of your own webshop. The Amazon integration also ensures that your stock and prices are always up to date and that you have your delivery reliability under control by automated feedback of your Track&Trace codes.

Are you ready to grow?

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