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Optimize your listing for the holidays on Amazon

The majority of consumers start their search on marketplaces like Amazon, so make sure your products are easily findable this winter.

The end of the year is approaching and online sellers are gearing up for the holidays. The holidays are an important period for sellers, because every webshop owner knows that October, November and December are the months to boost your sales. The majority of consumers start their search on the marketplaces, so make sure your products can be easily found this winter. On October 6, 2022 we sat down with Bo Hitzert from Amazon to give you some tips on how to improve your listing on Amazon and increase your conversion!

The importance of a product page

Product pages are an essential part of selling on Amazon. A bad product page can affect your conversion rate, or even worse, it can even cause your listing to be blocked on Amazon. But what makes the product page so important?

According to Amazon, the product page highlights the three most important aspects of selling through marketplaces, namely:


How often your products are viewed by consumers depends heavily on how you have filled out the product page. To drive as much traffic to your products as possible, it is important that you have a complete product description ready and apply the right keywords for your products in the description. Using the right keywords will help you rank higher in Amazon's listings.

To determine the right keywords for your products, you can use Amazon's keyword analysis. This tool analyzes the search behaviour of your target audience and then provides a list of relevant search terms.


Your listing position on Amazon is determined by numerous ranking factors. For example, delivery, service, and reviews are an important part of determining your ranking and whether you have a chance to win the Buy Box.

In addition, the quality of your product descriptions and titles also affects your listing position. The title of your product is the first thing visitors to Amazon are presented with. Make sure you use relevant keywords in your title, as these count more heavily than the keywords you use in the product description. An optimized product title helps generate more traffic to your product page.

A good product title consists of the following components:

  • Brand name of the product
  • Keywords that describe the product (such as: water bottle, earbuds).
  • Attributes - such as colour, size or weight.

Almost directly below the title of your product, you will come across bullet points on the product page. These bullet points summarise the product. This is the perfect place to highlight your most important USPs. In addition, you briefly tell why the customer should buy from you and not the competitor. Don't make it a basic product text, but also tell how your products will make the customer's life easier.

Include as many details about the product as possible in the product description, especially the technical data should be complete. Think about the size, weight and colour of the product. In addition, you would be wise to use as many Long Tail - keywords as possible. Instead of ''water bottle'', you could expand the description to "aluminium water bottle". There may be less search volume on these keywords, but the chances of you ranking on them are significantly higher.

The quality of your product photos is of utmost importance to Amazon. A hard requirement set by Amazon is that 80% of the first product photo should consist of only the product. Ideally, you should use product photos with a white background. Additional logos or a watermark are not allowed.

Brand owners enjoy even more benefits on Amazon, as they can use A+ Content to increase conversion. A+ Content is a premium content feature that allows sellers to customise the product descriptions of their ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) using rich text, videos and images. The idea behind using enriched multimedia content is to improve the consumer's user experience, leading to higher conversions and more traffic to your products.


The availability of your products is perhaps one of the most vital aspects. If you don't have your stock in order or if it's incomplete, you run the risk of customers going to competitors who have the product available.

To avoid this kind of situation, you can use Fulfilment by Amazon. With Fulfilment by Amazon, you store your products in one of Amazon's many fulfilment centres. Amazon arranges the packaging and shipping of your products and offers customer service to help your customers.

Customers like to know when to expect their package, so always state the estimated delivery time of a product. Ideally, this delivery time should be as short as possible. For this reason, many Amazon customers take out a Prime subscription, with which they enjoy many benefits. If a product displays the Prime logo, Amazon guarantees free shipping and lightning-fast delivery. For you as a seller, having a Prime label next to your products also offers many advantages. For instance, Prime products get a higher ranking and you are more likely to qualify for the Buy Box.


Full control with EffectConnect

With EffectConnect's software, you can easily and quickly optimise your listing on Amazon with smart product selections and custom attributes.

With product selections, you make selections of products based on single or multiple conditions. You can apply all kinds of changes or actions to these selections. Within EffectConnect, you will work a lot with product selections; they are used for everything. Want to change the title of a range of products? Make a selection of the products you want to change the name of, change the name and save. It can be that simple!

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