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SEA & Marketplaces: Competing in the Google search results

The big marketplaces dominate the search results on Google and can afford higher bids. How do you deal with this as a brand or retailer?

It has been a contentious issue in America for some time: Amazon is dominating the Google search results both with ads and organic searches. Amazon has also largely replaced Google as the starting point for consumers: In the US but also in Germany, people start their search for a new product on a Marketplace.

It is also a logical trend: Marketplaces have a large assortment with competitive offers that allow you as a shopper to buy multiple products in one place, with a fast delivery time. This translates into benefits for the seller. For example, the conversion rate is usually higher. However, as a brand or retailer you don't want to be dependent on just one channel and so you will also want to invest in your own webshop or a physical store.


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