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How do I choose the right marketplace solution?

Do you want to save time and automate sales through marketplaces? But how do you choose a good marketplace solution? Read all about it in this blog.

Do you sell via marketplaces and do you spend hours every week copying orders and other data? Or preparing feeds for Google Shopping? Then it's time to start automating some processes! In this blog you can read what to pay attention to if you want to choose the best marketplace solution for your business.

How do you choose a good marketplace integration that also suits your company? Be sure to include the following in your research and considerations:

Supply channels / marketplaces

Check the website at the intermediary / marketplace integration party whether the channels / marketplaces are offered which you are or want to be active on. Some providers do offer hundreds of integrations, but you have to look for the marketplaces and affiliate channels you want to be active on. So choose a provider that offers at least the channels you want.

User-friendly software

The need to automate is certainly due to the fact that you want to save time. Of course you don't want a software program that is difficult and cumbersome to use, that only takes time to master the system and if you have to ask questions when something is not clear. That is why you should choose a user-friendly system. You can assess this by viewing a demo of the software, this way you get a good impression of the user-friendliness and you immediately have an idea of how it works.

Synchronisation possibilities & orderintegration

Synchronisation options are options such as order integrations, stock synchronisation, price synchronisation and product synchronisation. These are the four most important elements in automating on marketplaces, they take most of the work out of your hands. What's more, without an order integration, automatic stock updates make no sense at all! Please note that some marketplace integration parties charge extra for these possibilities. 


Of course as an e-commerce entrepreneur you want help with installing the software or configuring channels. In addition, it is very nice if you have a question and someone is available to help you quickly. That is why it is good to see if the intermediary you choose has a good support department, where you will be helped friendly, knowledgeable and quickly. Always check whether the provider charges extra for this. Tip: Look up reviews of the parties, so you can read other people's opinions.


Comparing prices of automation is often like comparing apples with pears. Because each party has different features, it is simply impossible to compare them side by side. What is important to pay attention to when you are looking for a marketplace integration tool is whether the provider, in addition to the usual subscription fees that you usually get out of it with ease, also charges a turnover-dependent fee. This can get out of hand if you make a lot of sales through the marketplace. 

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