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How to sell on Allegro Marketplace

Allegro is one of the largest marketplaces in Europe. Start selling on Allegro with EffectConnect and boost your marketplace sales!

Allegro is one of the leading trading companies not only in Poland, but also in the rest of Europe. More than two decades after its founding, Allegro has developed into one of the most trusted Polish online marketplaces. On the platform, 21 million accounts have been created and customers buy more than 1.2 million products there daily, 95% of which are new items. Allegro also offers financial services for its customers, such as insurance and financing at 0% interest.

As mentioned, Allegro is not limited to Poland, but is also one of the largest marketplaces in the rest of Europe. Experts predict that Allegro will expand greatly in the coming years. Time for you to add this channel to your marketplace strategy and benefit from this fast-growing marketplace! To get off to a smooth start, here are all the details.

How to get started

Allegro is an open marketplace and the registration process is quite simple. You can create an account on in no time.


Once you have filled in the necessary details, it's time to set up your payment system. All payments at Allegro are made through the PayU payment system, so it is important that you create a PayU account first.

For the verification process, Allegro requires sellers to fill out and send in some documents to ensure that all transactions are secure and in compliance with European trade law. Once your registration is complete, Allegro will send you your seller account login information and you can get started!


Costs of selling on Allegro

When selling through Allegro you will have to take into account various selling fees, such as:

  • Listing fees
  • Commissions on sales
  • Percentage of all commissions on successful sales

An overview of all commissions and selling fees can be found at the Allegro Help Center.

Sales Categories on Allegro

Allegro is a horizontal marketplace and sells products from multiple categories, such as:

  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Home & Garden
  • Food
  • Kids
  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Culture and entertainment
  • Sports and travel
  • Automotive
  • Collections and art
  • Office supplies

Product descriptions

To get your products as high as possible on the listing at Allegro, you will need to take a few factors into account:

  • Make sure product titles and descriptions are in Polish.
  • The product description should only be about the product in question.
  • Be informative and make sure the products are displayed visually appealing.

The key to success on marketplaces is standing out. Therefore, make sure your product texts have catchy titles. Avoid listing unnecessary specifications; this only distracts the consumer's attention. Keep it simple!

Make sure not to make a long-winded story out of your product text, but short and concise with all the specifications of the product. Detailed product text also reduces the chances of returns.

Because the product texts must be delivered in Polish, we recommend that you first conduct a keyword research in Polish on the products in your assortment. To ensure a good translation, it is best to have the texts translated by a professional translation agency.

Finally, make sure you have enough quality product photos. Think of product images from different angles, but also, for example, images with the USPs (Unique Selling Points) of the product or a video.

Don't forget:

  • Information about returns, complaints and warranties.
  • Contact information of your organization.
  • Information about shipping times and prices.

Allegro Smart!

Allegro has its own loyalty program called Allegro Smart! For a small additional cost, customers can take advantage of free delivery, free returns to pickup points, lockers and via parcel. In addition, with Allegro Smart! customers have access to daily deals, shopping events and exclusive presales.

By using Allegro Smart!, you as a seller are assured of better listings and higher conversions!

Sell efficiently on Allegro with EffectConnect

Ready to start selling on Allegro? You can connect your web shop to Allegro using EffectConnect integration software. By connecting your webshop to Allegro using EffectConnect you can be sure that your stock is always up to date, orders are automatically placed in your webshop and because of the track&trace connection you always have your delivery reliability under control.

When you start selling in countries outside the Eurozone, you will have to deal with exchange rates. The exchange rate of a currency is very volatile and can affect your margins if you don't keep track of this properly. EffectConnect's Channel Manager makes sure you'll have an accurate price 24/7, as it automatically calculates the right price based on actual currency exchange rates .

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